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Hilmi Panigoro

President Director

Hilmi has served as President Director of PT Medco Intidinamika since 2012. Previously, for 15 years, Hilmi Panigoro developed a career at Huffco/Vico Indonesia. From Wellsite Geologist (1981) to highest position as Vice President & Director of Business Process Reengineering (1998). Because of his deep understanding of the oil and gas industry, he was invited to join Medco Energi, a company founded by Arifin Panigoro. He is currently the President Director of MedcoEnergi.

He earned a degree in geological engineering from ITB, Indonesia (1981), enrolled in the MBA Core Program of the Thunderbird University, USA (1984), USA, and received an MSc from the Colorado School of Mines, USA (1988).

Additionally, Hilmi actively gives lectures focused on the oil and gas industry in Indonesia at world-class conferences.  

Farid Rahman


Farid Rahman has served as Director of PT Medco Intidinamika since 2011. Previously, he worked in Bank Saudara (Bank Woori Saudara) and held a series of key positions such as President Commissioner (2012 – 2019), Commissioner (2011 – 2012), and President Director (1994 – 2011).

Before joining Medco Group, Farid spent more than ten years in Bank Duta and had been served as the CEO of Duta International Finance Co, Ltd.  He earned a degree in economics from the University of Indonesia and a Master of Business Administration from San Fransisco University.

Because of his significant experience and broad network in the finance industry, he became the Vice Chairman of Indonesian Banks Association (Perbanas). He currently sits as an independent President Commissioner of BJB Bank.

Roni Pramaditia


Roni Pramaditia has served as Director of Medco Group since April 2020. He joined Medco in 2003 as business development officer. In 2004, he actively involved in Aceh tsunami disaster relief and rehabilitation program conducted by Medco. Because of his involvement, he was appointed as the head of Medco Foundation since 2007 until now.

In 2014, Roni was selected to speak at the TEDx conference in Jakarta. Roni graduated from University of Wollongong, Australia majoring in telecommunication engineering and Master of business and management from National University of Singapore. In addition, he also joined United in Diversity Program of IDEAS 3, hold by MIT Sloan School of Management, and Medco Senior Leadership Program under INSEAD.

In 2015 – 2019, Roni had been appointed as Medco Papua Group Director and since then he managed various projects on which goals were to effectively develop areas and communities in East Indonesia.

Outside Medco, Roni is also the co-owner of a rock n roll-themed burger restaurant, Lawless Burger and has developed various F&B outlets. 

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