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Bank Woori Saudara

“In 1906, some merchants in Pasar Baru, Bandung established saving and lending organizations that later named Himpunan Soedara 1906 (HS 1906).”

HS 1906 grew and transformed into Bank Tabungan Himpunan Saudara 1906. In 1993, Medco Group legally acquired Bank Tabungan HS 1906 and the bank name changed into Bank Himpunan Saudara 1906.

Bank Himpunan Saudara grew and survived in the 1998 financial crisis. In 2006, Bank Himpunan Saudara became an IPO or public company.

To strengthen the capital base, in 2014, Bank Himpunan Saudara merged with Bank Woori, one of the biggest banks in South Korea, with this merger, Bank HS changed its name to Bank Woori Saudara.

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