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Koperasi Karyawan Dinatera

“Koperasi Karyawan Dinamika Sejahtera (Dinatera) is an employee cooperative owned by Medco Group that established in 2004.”

With a goal to help the members, DINATERA has risen to become the first choice for Medco’s employee to meet their needs. DINATERA’s products and services has developed start for providing basic food, facilitate saving and lending service, and offering electronic product purchasing with credit payment system.

These various product and service makes DINATERA not only become a partner for Medco’s subsidiaries but also become strategic partner for many companies outside Medco

Store :
Medco Building I, 1st floor
Jl. Ampera Raya 18-20, Jakarta Selatan, 
CS WA only +62 813 8543 7830

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