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Medco Foundation was founded by Arifin based on his passion to share and contribute for the better life of Indonesian society. Medco Foundation’s history began in 2003. At that time, Medco Foundation was named Medco Education Foundation, which focused on education to manage schools in Jakarta. Since 2007, the Medco Education Foundation renamed to Medco Foundation as a sign that we have expanded our scope.

Not only focused on education, Medco Foundation also has concerns about issues in the field of economic empowerment, social, health, and environment. Currently, we manage programs in the field of education and literacy, disaster management, bioenergy campaign, and various CSR activities.

As a foundation, our goal is not profit oriented, but rather a non-profit organization which can be an alternative among other social institutions that are focused on community development. Since its inception, Medco Foundation continues to expand and innovate in terms of implementing community development programs in various regions with plans that well organized, right on target and non-discriminative.


Grow the independence spirit of Indonesia people by enhancing the quality of education, health care, the development of productive activities, and environmental preservation.


  1. Become a strategic partner in developing a corporate social responsibility program in the scope of Medco Group and general corporate
  2. Support the development of profitable enterprises based on the small and medium business in the community
  3. Organize program to improve the quality of education, health, and environmental sustainability
  4. Self Development to become an institution that applying Good Corporate Governance
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