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PT. Maleo Luwuk - Swiss Belinn Hotel

“As the Donggi Senoro Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plant operational had begun, the economic activities in Banggai was increasing significantly.”

Furthermore, the beauty of the sea and nature around Banggai has attracted many domestic and international tourists to visit this area. These advantages encouraged Medco to invest in property, especially an hotel.

Located at three hectares lands, The Swiss Bellin Luwuk Hotel started to operate in 2017. This hotel was built in the Halimun hill and has strategic locations, about 10 minutes from Syukuran Aminuddin Amir Airport which is only a few meters from the entertainment and commercial district.

This three stars hotel features 102 rooms and offers various facilities such as a meeting room, spa, restaurant, bar, gym, and swimming pool.

Swiss Bellin Luwuk Hotel provides beautiful stunning panoramic views of the city, the southern Banggai coastline, and the Banda Sea which the guests are able to enjoy.

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