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Medco Agro

Sustainable Development for Our Future Generation


PT Api Metra Palma (Medco Agro) is a growing and developing oil palm plantation and processing company. Since the start of plantation building in 1995 through its subsidiary, PT Meta Epsi Agro, the corporation has committed to build a sustainable and partnership-based plantation corporation, which aims to contribute to the welfare of society.

Along with its growth, Medco Agro has expanded its plantation and production, therefore increasing its asset growth. Now the company manages 28, 595 hectares of oil palm plantation and three units of palm oil factories, which involve 938 permanent and 3000 contract employees, in working areas across Central Kalimantan, Lampung, West Papua, Bengkulu, Jambi, and North Moluccas.

In developing its business, Medco Agro has a concern towards issues of the environment and the welfare of people living around the plantation areas. The success indicators of the company are equilibrium of planet, people, and profit.


To be a healthy plantation corporation that strives for clean environment in its management and development.


1. Sustainable expansion of new plantation area
2. Selection of efficient, effective, and reliable processing technologies
3. To empower the local society and to drive the economy of each are developed by the company