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PT. Api Metra Palma (Medco Agro)

“The leadership team of Medco Group realized the importance of conducting activities that intended to reduce public dependency on fossil fuel-based energy.”

In 1993, Medco started to enter the oil palm plantation business by establishing Meta Epsi Agro (the present Medco Agro). The Medco Group management plans long-term investment in palm oil that will provide both long-term stability in energy supplies and provide local markets with valuable cooking oil.

Medco Agro’s oil palm plantation located in Sukamandang, Central Kalimantan, and Ulutalo, Bengkulu. Besides, Medco Agro also operates a palm oil factory that can produce 35 ton per hours in Central Kalimantan

In 2019, Medco Agro changed its corporate image to become a multi-commodity company. This strategy was taken followed with the business diversification that was not only focused on oil plantation but also coffee plantation and beef cattle farm. The new image of Medco Agro was shown in its company motto “Gives more value in life”.

PT Api Metra Palma
Medco Building I, 3rd floor
Jl. Ampera Raya 18-20, Jakarta Selatan, 
Ph. +62 21 782 8858

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