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Yayasan Pendidikan Avicenna Prestasi (YPAP)

Student Character to Adapt Global Challenges


The history of Avicenna school started when Mrs. Deti Panigoro and a group of teachers, who were mostly from Al-Azhar Syifa Budi cooperated with several parents founded the Azkal Azkiya Foundation, an institution which focused on the quality of education. The foundation managed the school of Al-Azhar Tanjung Barat since 2002. In 2004, there was delegation of management of Al Azhar Tanjung Barat School from Azkal Azkiya Foundation to Medco Education Foundation.

Once the transition completed, Medco Education Foundation and YPI Al-Azhar tried to improve the quality of education by providing intensive training on school management and learning system for all teachers. They also improved and increased learning facilities for students. In 2005, the partnership between Medco Education Foundation and YPI Al-Azhar ended. As a result, Al-Azhar Tanjung Barat school should change its name into School of Avicenna.

We decided to choose Avicenna or Ibnu Sina who called Prince of Physician because of his exemplary figure. He is one of the major figures of philosophy, medicine, and religion in the history of the golden age of Islamic civilization. Avicenna is not merely a school name and symbol. We attempt to integrate his thoughts and actions with Avicenna School education system. We hope Avicenna School will generate young generations who not only have intellectual capacity but also spiritual and strong moral character.


To become educational institution that provide creative environment for the growth of the future generation.


  1. Create system, cultural and creative environment, and also facilitative for potential optimization.
  2. Create creative and independent persons who also have fondness for truth
  3. Build humanist persons, as obedient servant of God and have a high spiritual character.
  4. Build social human who has concern on nationality and environment preservation.
  5. Build environmental contributors based on understanding of science and technology and social entrepreneurship.
  6. Provide social contribution through education, social charity, and natural conservation.
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