About Us


To place the highest value in professionalism, entrepreneurship, integrity, and partnership, as well as endeavoring to empower the hard working people of Indonesia through development and genuine concern for their care for well being.


To stay in close harmony, blend, and co-exist with the environment and the local communities where we conduct our business.


Medco Group’s commitment to always give the best to nation is not merely a requirement imposed on the company by the Government or other institutions, but it is part of Medco Group’s ingrained tradition of incorporating responsible corporate values in all its business activities.

All of our work is conducted in 9 business principles that become our corporate values:

  • Intuition: Integrating intuition and commonsense
  • Fairness: Be fair even towards your rivals
  • Honesty: Honesty and trustworthiness are enduring values
  • Self Confidence: Influencing others through inner certainty
  • Networking: A million friends is not enough
  • Responsibility: Settling obligations, Facing problems
  • Human Resources: Choose the best and empower them
  • Innovation: Continuous creativity
  • Care and Share: Nurturing entrepreneurship