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Development of Quality Starts Now


Established in 1983, PT Multi Fabrindo Gemilang (Multifab) is one of the most prominent national companies in Indonesia that provides services for construction and fabrication projects. The founder, Arifin Panigoro, built strong foundation for Multifab to focus in the area of oil and gas industry, power generation, and petrochemical businesses in the country.

Multifab has 30,000 square meter workshop located at Krakatau Steel industrial park in Cilegon, West Java. With a strong team specializes in integrated steel manufacturing, Multifab has carried out hundreds of medium and large-scale projects for the government, the private sectors, as well as foreign parties. Its customers range from companies in the oil and gas sector, petrochemical manufacturers, electricity, transmission, and distribution sectors in the country.

Providing quality and hi-tech manufacturing goods as well as professional service has been the commitment of the company. Its quality products have been awarded and recognized, including the accreditation for products such as pressure vessels and power boilers from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in 2002 and also TUV certificate from the People’s Republic of China in 2008.


Multifab’s vision is to become valuable partner for clients by delivering outstanding services and products.


  1. Producing high quality and environmental friendly products
  2. Delivering project as requested by clients
  3. Doing business with strong integrity, uphold ethics and professionalism
  4. Being good corporate citizen that equally share its benefit for the betterment of our stakeholders, environment, and community