Foundation & Education

M Learning Centre (MLC)

Learning is the eye of mind


M Learning Centre was founded by Yani Panigoro in 2008. It is a project to enhance core competencies and working performance of all Medco Group employees by referring to the vision, mission and the corporate values.

M Learning Centre is an in-house training coordinator for all Medco group business units. Our training modules will be developed into hard skill and soft skill modules to cope with business unit interest and demand. Our next plan was to empower the potential trainers and teacher from inside Medco Group.


To create a company with a lifelong learner employee as a perfect foundation for building a high perfect career with keep put forward Medco values


  1. Mapping all the training programs at Medco
  2. Provide consultation services to help design & developing training needs
  3. Always improve the training system and content
  4. Provide Library and Training tools such e-learning and training module
  5. Provide high quality trainers
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