Everyone Can Think Creative

When we talk about the power of creative thinking, it can’t be no other than the figure of Steve Jobs. Under his command, it is as if Apple never stops creating innovations in the scope of technology. Looking at its expertise, many say that creative thinking is a talent that Steve Job has from birth. But is it true that creative thinking and innovative is a talent?

Through the Creative and Innovative Thinking training held by M Learning Centre (MLC) on 23rdof March 2016, Director of Elganet, Rosa Sanjaya or known as Jay explained that creative thinking is not about becoming a monopoly to certain people. He quoted John Clesse’s opinion saying that creativity is not a talent but is the way a person does something. If creativity is not talent, then it can be concluded that everyone has the ability to train their selves to become creative and innovative.

To become creative and innovative, Jay contend with what has been put forward by Tina Seelig, a professor from Stanford University who explain that there are six factors that effects someone in giving birth to innovation. The six factors are divided into internal factors which consists of imagination, knowledge and behavior, and external factors which consists of habitat, culture, and available sources.

According to Jay, the six factors need to be practiced continuously in order for a person to keep on thinking creative. For instance, the imagination factor can be developed by combining ideas that exists. One of the real example in terms of idea combination can be seen by the appearance of Red Velvet Martabak which is a result from a combine concept of a conventionalMartabakwith a Red Velvet cake. Knowledge must be developed too if someone wants to sharpen their ability in creative thinking. One of the ways to broaden the knowledge horizon is by paying attention to the things around us. “If we get acquainted with someone, try to learn new things from that person,” he said. The effort to develop knowledge will not occur if we stay quiet without doing anything. Therefore, it is important for an innovator to keep developing a never satisfied attitude and a high eager of curiosity towards everything. “To be creative, we can’t just stay quiet” he said.

Besides being influenced by internal factor, the ability to creative thinking can be affected by external factors such as available sources, culture, and the surrounding environment. The importance of external factors in stimulating creativity is realized by companies that engage in information technology. A company like Google for instance, designs the office space with bright colors complete with their playing room facility. The purpose is so the employees can stimulate to create innovative products.


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