Medco Group Independence Day Celebration


“The Spirit Of The Union Of MEDCO GROUP For The Glory Of The Nation” is this year’s theme for Medco’s annual celebration of Indonesia’s 73rdIndependence Day. The celebration is enliven with various of competitions that resembles our union and happiness on cheering on teams from each business unit that includes, The Energy, Medco Foundation, BWS, MDI, Avicienna, Multifab, EPI, ELGA, MARTEL, Dinatera, Medco Agro, MLC, Maleo Luwuk Hotel, and Medco Holding. The union is shown as each business unit that thrives different aspects and business focuses are then reunited in one big annual event representing as MEDCO GROUP. The event starts off at 7AM by commencing the flag ceremony of the celebration of Indonesia’s Independence Day as a sign of respect for our nation.

The event continues with competitions between the directors of Medco Group with Cracker Eating competition that is held in the parking space, the competition is all about whoever finishes the hanging cracker or eats the most of it in 15 seconds, will win. The directors had ton of fun whilst doing it so, there were no tension but laughter and happiness surrounded with fellow employees cheering on their directors, at the end the winners were announced and was given loads of crackers as a reward. Afterwards, the employees competition was about to commence between business units that include Cracker Eating, Tug of War, and Relay Run with Sarong that was done match-by-match with door prize announcements in the middle as an intermezzo. The door prize announcements were done by using a randomizing number device that were then shown on the screen and was pressed by Kemal Panigoro and Yani Panigoro as the determent of whom gets the prize, however, once a number is announced three times and no one shows up, that number is stated as disqualification.

In the middle of the each match, not only people were cheering on for each other, but various food stalls were available to be enjoyed throughout the event, and by lunch each and every employee and participants were given food coupon for lunch. At the end of the day, despite on teams that were eliminated and teams that lost, the most important thing was that each competition resembles team work, and above all, the fun they had within the competition that marks the true spirit of the celebration of Indonesia’s Independence Day. This event shows that no matter how big a company may go and how far they have gone international, but we still have pride and high nationalism towards our own nation by celebrating the 73rdIndependence Day of Indonesia and will continue to celebrate it in the following year as a sign of consistency, and that is what Medco Group do.

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