Jayakarta Symphony Orchestra



After more than fifty years ago, Indonesia has been given the honors in becoming this year’s host of Asian Games 2018 that will be held at Jakarta & Palembang. This gives the right moment to conduct a prestigious event in welcoming this event by Jayakarta Nada Persada that has created a music concert that is dedicated for Indonesia’s athlete that will compete in the name of our nation. Jayakarta Nada Persada Foundation is an orchestra that is given the name Jayakarta Symphony Orchestra (JSO). This foundation is established by Dedi Sjahir Panigoro and Nathania Karina that has received the Doctor of Musical Arts degree from Boston University in 2015. Nia sharpens her kids in JSO with intensive and high commitment to be able to perform beautiful music with a professional attitude, therefore, their performance is a happiness for the audience as well as Indonesian pride.


This prestigious concert is enlivened by conductors and performers that are well-known for their professionality and talent in music. The conductors who performed last night includes, Gevorg Sargsyan who is considered to be one of the most inspired musician in his generation and received the Sir Georg Solti Award who is recently assigned to be the music director of Madison Academy of Music Singapore. Purwacaraka, as we all know his hard work and dedication of Purwacaraka towards world of music education that has created young prodigies with high quality music ability through the biggest Purwacaraka Music Studio in multiple big cities in Indonesia. Last but not least, Dr. Nathania Karina as the music director of Trinity Youth Symphony Orchestra and Adante Music School, Nia is also one of the founder of Musicmind and the organizer of Indonesia Orchestra Ensemble Festival.


Nia explained that her main motivation to be involved in this concert is that there are many orchestras in Indonesia, but for once she wants to civilize young people into the orchestra, because usually it’s seniors that are a part of it, she wants many young professional prodigies so there is a bit of a renewal in terms of the performer. When she was asked about her hopes in this year’s Asian Games she said, “My hopes aren’t really high-flown, the important thing is that we can be a good host, because becoming a host is something pretty big, and we must be able to give an example, become a benchmark for other nation and hopefully we can be a better nation too”.


On the other hand, the performers who performed last night includes, Dira Sugandi who is a jazz singer from Bandung that had her chance in the Ingonito Tour on 2002, she has aslo released two albums; Something about The Girl (2010) and Double single (2017) and starred in a couple of Indonesian movies. Sri Hanuraga or more known as Aga is an Indonesian jazz pianist that has done his studies at Conservatorium van Amsterdam, his expertise in playing piano has produced many achievements, one of them is by achieving the soloist prize at the East Eastern Jazz Festival Competition in Nijmengen, Amsterdam on 2006. Nesia Ardi as one of the performers has cooperated with many Jazz musicians and enliven music festivals and Jazz concerts in Indonesia, Nesia has also launched one recording album that contains her duet with Robert Mulyarahardja with one original song and a few standard Jazz songs. Gabriel Harvianto started her love in the vocal and music field with the late Elfa Secioria since she was 8 years old and became a vocal coach in Elfa Music Studio since 2003, she also received various awards in choir festivals for Pop & Jazz category from 2000-2008. Yasashi Evelyn as one of the performer in this concert decided to take music education and achieved Graduate Diploma in Vocal Performance in Royal College of Music in London, he then had the opportunity to continue his music studies in Master Programme in Performance in Royal College of Music. Aditya Pradana Setiadi as one of the vocalist, has achieved a Social Bachelor’s Degree in University of Indonesia on 2008 and was graduated with the predicate of Magna Cum Laude on 2017 from King’s College in London, he teaches at University of Indonesia daily since 2009. Last but not least, Giring Ganesha as one of the vocalist in this concert, was the vocalist of Nidji (Band) that flows in BritPop until he decided to plunge into the politics and is now currently incorporated in Partai Solidaritas Indonesia (PSI).


Referring to the concert’s theme which is “Penghargaan Pahlawan Olahraga” or Sport Heroes Award, we asked Giring who the sport heroes are, and he answered, “Rudy Haryanto, imagine if he didn’t dare to smash or go forward into the field, he wouldn’t have been able to bring home many golds and the Thomas Cup, afterwards is Halim Haryanto, there’s a lot of them from badminton, and then recently I is really inspiring is M Zohri that runner, he came against Americans as an underdog”. Giring then told us that there were no challenges towards the concert, they were simply just having fun, because for him, singing is celebrating life, and celebrating art, and that the difficult thing from the stage is the ‘waiting part’ but once they’re on the stage, it’s all out.


The concert and the orchestra itself with all the performers and conductors overall was beyond words, the euphoria that they brought gave nothing but instant chills to the audience, the ambience and vibrancy of the music that they brought was spectacular. The music line was consistent with the current theme and really delivered the sense of nationalism towards the audience, keeping us as the audience in mind that it is important to love and have pride for our own nation. Dedi Sjahir Panigoro and Nathania Karina has really outdone themselves.

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