Building a Company as a Second Home

Hard work, self confidence, and determination are Yani Panigoro’s three keywords that become the key of her success as a leader. She always shares those three words to her employees. Her effort on motivating and supporting all of her workers were based on the belief that human resources are the most important asset for company sustainability. In addition, she also believes that in 10 or 20 years, Medco will be in the hand of her successor.

Knowing that young generations have an important part in Medco business sustainability, Yani tries to build strong relationship with all of her workers. Her strategies on building that relationship is not only through formal means, such as giving directions in a business project or discussing project in the meetings. It goes beyond the formal boundaries, she tries to create office as the second home for all of her workers.

Like a home that become a place for family, Yani hopes that an office can be a place where employee and employer build close relationship and everybody can support each other.

In order to build friendly atmosphere, Yani remembers all of her employee names and greet them by their name. She also gives attention in simple things, such as giving birthday present to her employee and asking them to have lunch together in special moment such as New Year or Idul fitri.

As a leader, Yani also respects the value of transparency; she always honest to her workers especially when they made a mistake and do not hesitate to criticize them. Her action is proof that she really care with her employee, as same as parents to their young’s. Not only giving reprimand, she will definitely praise them if they can do their job well.

As a career woman, Yani has a special concern to woman employee. It is of course based on her experience as a woman who has double role, as a housewife and also a working mother. She knows that woman employees have many challenges. Thus, she has an initiative to build a day care facility, so every working mother can bring their children to the day care.

Yani and Medco boards of director have done a lot of effort to create a family like atmosphere in the office, the ideas is to make work space like being a home. They have provided many public facilities such as restaurant, bank, saloon, and drug store. They also conducted events, such as family outing and outbound training to build togetherness between employees. However, Yani believes that employer’s attention to their subordinate through modest actions, such as calling their name, greeting, supporting their work, and listening to their opinion is more effective to make workers feel close to their chief. Close relationship between leader and their subordinates will make them easier to deliver corporate value to the employees and the next generations.

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